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Trendy, healthy and invidual – our food concept at the DOMOTEX 2018

The concept and the theme of the DOMOTEX 2018 has been Unique Youniverse. Our catering has been arranged corresponding to this theme. The customer could select the colour and the flavour of the smoothies, the topping of the coffee specialities or different garnished sandwiches.
Individuality has been the theme – also in the VIP-Lounge. We offered our Sandwiches 4.0 – Garnished with love there. For lunch we served Happy Bowls. The guests could select a bowl with salad, a bowl with a warm dish or a dessert bowl. Furthermore they could select the parts of their bowl - out of 25 ingredients. This decision has been difficult from time to time. But every day you could try something new. That has been great!
We are looking forward to the DOMOTEX 2019 and are curious about the next theme. We are sure, that the concept of the dishes will be arranged corresponding to the theme of the fair again.

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